Extra wellbeing treatments available during your stay

Wellbeing Treatments Available During Your Stay

Traditional Massage – Advanced reservations required

A relaxation massage is the perfect way to de-stress during your stay at Château Ladausse and can help bring feelings of calm and well-being. Private massage sessions last 1 hour 15 minutes (actual massage length is 1 hour). Nadia Halabi is a professionally-trained masseuse, a British national, and fluent in both French/English. She travels some distance to get to the property and hence requests to schedule a minimum of 2 consecutive massages.

Rate: 60€ TTC (toutes taxes incluses / tax included), based on availability.

Payment to be made directly to Nadia in cash, or add it to your room bill (10% surcharge). Highly recommended!

Reflexology, Reiki & Champissage (Indian Head Massage)

We are lucky to have Janet Bright Roberts living in the area – she is highly skilled and offers many wonderful treatments. As a Registered Nurse previously in England, Janet then became qualified as a Reflexologist and trained as a Master Teacher of the Usui method of Reiki. She also completed training in the ancient Ayurvedic healing systems & principles of Champissage. Here is what Janet can do for you:

  • Reflexology: This is a specific pressure technique applied to the feet (or hands) where Reflexologists believe that all the internal body structure and organs are mapped or mirrored in miniature. It is a simple, painless and non-invasive treatment which helps the body maintain its delicate balance. It helps reduce stress, increases relaxation and improve circulation, encourages toxins cleansing, and improves energy levels. Rate: 30€ for 30- minute sessions or 40€ for 1-hour sessions, to be paid directly to Janet.
  • Reiki: The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ literally translates as “universal life force energy”. This noninvasive therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment which does not involve massage or manipulation and is holistic, uplifting and deeply relaxing. Reiki supports orthodox medicine or can be used alone. Reiki encourages positive personal choices, such as improving diet, taking more exercise, devoting time for rest or leisure activities, and may reduce the need for alcohol or tobacco. It also creates greater harmony and balance and promotes a calmer response to life’s challenges. Rate: 30€ for 30-minute sessions or 40€ for 1-hour sessions, to be paid directly to Janet.
  • Champissage: This is a relaxing, therapeutic Ayurvedic massage of shoulders, upper arms, head and face, ears and neck. The treatment, given through normal clothing and with the client seated, provides profound relaxation and relief from stress-related aches and pains. Benefits include increased oxygen and glucose supply to the brain, reduced tension in muscle and dissipation of toxins, increased mobility and flexibility in shoulders, neck and
    arms, reduction in sinusitis and nasal congestion, and increased sebum production (helping to moisturize hair and improve skin’s elasticity). Rate: 25€ for 30 minutes.

Don’t miss out on Janet’s treatments! Advanced reservations required.


We are hoping to offer two watercolour painting holidays for 2021.

The painting holidays will run from Monday afternoon to Friday lunchtime.

For more information please contact us to be kept up to date with 2021's dates.

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